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At Aaron-Binik-Thomas and Associates, serving the diverse real estate needs of every client is our only priority. And we understand, first-hand, that every transaction is not simply the purchase or sale of a home. As the executor of several estates in my family, the sale of a loved-one’s home can be a heavy burden for a grieving family. So, upon networking with a well-respected real estate pro who is both an attorney and a Realtor, a new division was born.

Michael Samuels, Probate Realtor and Team Leader

Michael Samuels has a unique background. He has been a real estate agent, broker, and investor for 24 years, and an attorney for 34 years. His breadth of experience makes him the ideal person to help an executor administer the estate.

Michael graduated Columbia College in 1980 and Harvard Law School in 1985. He practiced law fulltime at two prestigious law firms from 1985-1995, when he decided that his first love (after his wife and kids) was real estate. In 1995, he created his own real estate brokerage and investment company, and has since helped many people buy and sell homes, while rehabbing over 200 homes.

When Michael’s mom passed away in New Jersey, he was appointed executor. After going through the experience of preparing and selling the home from out-of-state, as well as dealing with the distribution and disposal of the personal property, he realized how valuable it would have been to retain a realtor with his skill set. The ability to seamlessly coordinate with the probate attorney due to his legal background, advise on cost-effective preparations, oversee contractors, and be the liaison with professionals who oversee the distribution and sale of the personal property, Michael offers a total package of services designed to relieve as much of the burden as possible while achieving the best results for our clients and their families.

Michael Samuels

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